The electronics focuses on innovation

The field of electronic circuits asks constantly new products, new technologies and new guarantees on the quality of the components. Giorgio Paolucci explains how to keep up with market demands.

Nelmondo electronics and its components, a company can be said to be competitive only if it proves to be cutting edge in every point of view: from business ideas to the study of proposals attractive to ilmercato, products made by the technologies used to create them. And the latest technology and revolutionary features the Space Electronics, a company engaged in the creation and development of electronic circuits. "Our company - says Giorgio Paolucci, owner of Space Electronics - mainly performs processing specifications Mounting third parties, but relying on a fleet constantly renewed and the latest generation, we are also able to develop and industrialize tabs on specific ideas and requests customers. To provide such a service that is comprehensive, fast and quality, we have created a department SMD mounting auto components, a department Pth for insertion siamanuale that automatic components, a department
testing to test the functionality of the product and a department verniciatura.Ogni processing is performed in accordance with the timing set according to customer requirements, as required by the system CertificazioneQualitàUni EN ISO 9001: 2008, we wanted to get at all costs ». Each of the departments of Space Electronics is equipped with tecnologiemoderne and high precision, the only way to get results and products of the highest quality. "In the department Smd - Giorgio Paolucci continues - component assembly with SMD technology, ie surfacemounting device, consists of two automatic lines by 16 thousand and 35 thousand components per hour. These lines are formed by automatic machinery programmed by highly specialized personnel that ensures the highest accuracy in the assembly. The steps of this process take place in automatic mode, thus it avoids the handling of materials not welded. The department in traditional assembly Pth, pin through hole,
instead, has available is automatic equipment for both axial and radial components manuals benches on which our trained staff works lots of small series production. Moreover, thanks to the use of two welders wave lead-free, the assembled manufactured by the company have one very high quality standard, with solder joints resistant to oxidation and with excellent electrical and mechanical properties. " Once the processing cycle, each of Space Electronics undergoes checks targeted and specific, so he can declare the circuit or component ready and pack.

Giorgio Paolucci clarifies that 'the final control department is responsible for reviewing the finished products in order to exclude the presence of defects or malfunctions. The test consists of a visual check carried out with the naked eye and through electron microscopes by skilled workers. At this stage of verification, follow the painting and testing of products. As regards the coating, to protect the boards are assembled by moisture or to chemical agents, we offer a very special service, or the weather sealing on one or two sides after masking of the components. The use of automated machinery ensures the accuracy of this process, and in the end gives the correct electronic insulation of the elements. The phase
testing, finally, is made at the request of the customer and provides a series of tests in-circuit test aimed at testing the reliability and proper functioning of the finished articles or still in production. "

The machinery of automatic lines which is available at the company are able to produce from 16 thousand to 35 thousand parts per hour.

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